Manage your trading partner network and transform your business with x.SIP B2B management. It supports legacy transactions and adopts to modern technologies. EDI exchange supports each and every standard format including ANSI X12, JSON, XML, EDIFACT. It supports the wide range of communication protocols such as AS2, FTP, SFTP, Web Services. You can configure, deploy, and manage trading partner network connectivity centrally using the dashboard and reduce onboarding time from months to days.


Built-in support for key EDI standard

Supports industry standard communication protocols

Track transactions real time

Partner onboarding in few days


Built-in EDI connectivity

x.SIP has built-in support for legacy EDI format, and other industry standards such as FTPS, AS2, EDIFACT, X12, HL7, RNIF

Trading partner onboarding

x.SIP configures and installs trading partner’s EDI profile and automates the onboarding process using mapping tools and right technology

Cloud, on-premise, or hybrid deployments

x.SIP has ability to integrate legacy on-premise, cloud, or hybrid applications maintaining security and data integrity

Custom file format support

x.SIP has capability to process customized EDI documents

Data mapping

prebuilt EDI translations in x.SIP map business format into standardized file format and vice versa. Mapping feature offers easy to use drag-and-drop feature with AI enabled auto suggestions on mapping configurations

Visibility across all EDI translations

x.SIP EDI provides real time visibility across business transactions, data exchanges using a single platform. The visibility gives you actionable insight on your supply chain efficiency and operational productivity

Pre-built connectivity

x.SIP integration with EDI translators