Hybrid Cloud Integration

Hybrid cloud integration using x.SIP allows your legacy on premises applications to connect with on cloud systems. It also connects multiple clouds whether on private cloud network or public cloud platform. It enables you to connect to the wide-ranging capabilities of public cloud services while using private cloud deployment for sensitive applications and data.


Faster delivery of
new business services

Efficient deployement of workloads
across multiple environments

Simplified multi cloud
management process


Connectivity to
SaaS applications

Integrate with various applications on-cloud or on-premises and scale new solutions efficiently

IaaS with
on-premises application

Drag and drop endpoints from a pool of various on-premise applications and reduce integration time

Multiple cloud application management

Develop and deploy applications quickly across multiple clouds through a single portal rapidly

Secure data management & deployment

simple, fast, and secured multi-cloud integration connects to any data source with built-in cross cloud security

PaaS integration

Adopt, implement, and deploy PaaS application on hybrid cloud platform and accelerate integration

API management

Leverage and reuse APIs to focus on new products, features and reduce time to market

Pre-built connectivity

x.SIP is integrated With Major Cloud Service Providers