Omnichannel Integration with x.SIP

x.SIP is a unified commerce integration platform connecting different facets of supply chain solutions. By integrating your market places with the ERP, Store fulfillment, or order management system x.SIP provides the much required digital commerce platform to support drop ship, BOPIS, BOSS for your business. End to end order life cycle visbility is empowered by x.SIP’s pre-built integrations with leading parcel carriers, best of the breed WMS systems, trading partner EDI systems, and financials systems like QB, and Fishbowl.


Faster application integration

Easy to use ecommerce platform

Marketplaces connectivity



You can build sound omnichannel strategy and shorten time to delivery. Adding additional sales channel is seamless in x.SIP using streamlined processes. Synchronizing across all channels gives you visibility on centralized view of company, inventory, and orders


x.SIP handles integrations challenges, legacy applications, data silos to build end-to-end omnichannel strategy for your business to improve customer experience.

Drop ship

Use Drop Shipping as a fulfillment method to smoothly manage your business. x.SIP will connect your supplier or 3PL to your marketplaces and shopping carts by using automated backend processes and provide you centralized visibility on the orders

Warehouse management systems

x.SIP connects your ERP, eCommerce, OMS to WMS and streamlines data management processes and increases operational efficiency


Onboard your business on any marketplaces and reduce your time to market with x.SIP’s built-in marketplace connectors

Retail store fulfillment

x.SIP has created integration platform leveraging APIs to offer flexible omnichannel solutions from ecommerce store fronts to brick and mortar for customer onboarding, product fulfillment to give provide you a 360-degree view of order processing, inventory updates, warehouse operations to shipping details across all your sales channels

B2B EDI integration

Modern B2B architecture that supports legacy B2B EDI transactions and deploys on-premise, on-cloud, hybrid-cloud applications to improve your trading partner relationship

Proof of delivery

Engage customers with proof of delivery notifications at every touchpoint for a seamless customer experience

Pre-built connectivity

x.SIP is integrated With Major Ecommerce, Retail, Marketpalces, ERPs, EDIs, WMS