A truly seamless cloud integration platform with the supply chain intelligence

Integration, Reinvented

x.SIPs' built in integrations enable you onboard marketplaces in no time.

x.SIP can help your business connect with enterprise, on-premise, or any cloud applications. It supports various channels, technologies, and integrations. Customer on-boarding is quick, easy, and hassle free. No complications, just intelligent platform!


Dashboard view gives you real time visibility of your business on daily basis

Order Fulfillment

View and track order status at every stage of fulfillment

360o Inventory Tracking

Receive and track your inventory and any stock adjustments real time

Customer Management

Manage various clients centrally from a single portal

Data Visualization

Graphs and charts make it easy to visualize orders, shipments, inventory, and other information


Multiple reports such as sales report, invoice reports help analyze and quantify your business data

Omnichannel Connectivity

Connect one, connect all.

x.SIP integrates with different sales channels of your business to create a digital omnichannel platform so that your consumers have seamless shopping experience. Adding another sales channel is faster so that your time to market is shorter.


Rapidly connect your retail stores to x.SIP to provide your customers differentiated consumer experience with notifications at every touchpoint


Create a flawless ecommerce experience. Integrate your various systems to x.SIP to get all your orders real time


Let x.SIP connect to marketplaces to boost your business and drive growth


Connect your warehouses and distribution centers to x.SIP to create a seamless end to end supply chain process


Handle your dropship orders from a single portal and accelerate your delivery time


Integrate your ERP with x.SIP to create a global visibility across all your sales channels


Track all your orders and provide your customers delivery updates and proof of delivery via email and text notifications


Connect your financial software to x.SIP to update invoices and generate reports

Custom Solutions

Connect anything, everything.

x.SIP supports legacy and modern technologies. It connects systems, applications, and data using API and B2B transactions using EDI. It is a cloud-based application and it can connect on-premise or on-cloud applications. x.SIP is technology agnostic.


Handle full API lifecycle management centrally on-cloud. Design, test, build, and deploy API application from a single platform


Rapidly onboard trading partners and get the end to end visibility across all EDI transactions

Data Integration

x.SIP can integrate to any source and transform your business data to optimize for your supply chain processes

Flat File

x.SIP supports multitude of file formats such as CSV, Excel, XML, custom delimiter, and various standard EDI documents

AWS Cloud

Achieve your on-cloud transformation using x.SIP to get on AWS applications seamlessly


x.SIP’s built-in intelligence collects and exchanges data to operate smart devices and derive insights









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